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Are there changes to Impact100 Grants this year?

As of 2020, there will be no Statement of Interest/Letter of Inquiry required for the Impact Grant. In addition, the application process can be completed entirely online.

Beginning in 2020, Community Grants may be spent over two years rather than within one year. Since 2018, a nonprofit is allowed to apply for only one Community Grant in a year.  Community grants are funded on an alternate-year funding cycle. For example, a nonprofit that was awarded a Community Grant in 2019 may not apply in 2020. It will be eligible to apply again in 2021. 

See more information on changes to the current year grant process.

What is the timeline for the grant process this year?

The following is an outline of this year's grant process timeline: 

See all dates and deadlines for the current year.

$100,000 Impact Grant:

  • Applications are due in February.
  • Notification of site visits will be made in March/April.
  • Site Visits by Impact Grant Review Committee members will take place in March/April.
  • Finalists will be notified via email in mid-May.    

Community Grants ($5,000 to $20,000):

  • Applications are due in January.
  • Applicants moving forward to the site visit stage will be notified in early March.
  • Site visits by Community Grants Review Committee members will take place in March/April.
  • Finalists will be notified via email in mid-May.

Will Impact100 Sonoma fund technology expenditures?


Who vets each proposal?

The Impact Grant and Community Grant Review Committees and a Financial Review Committee vet each proposal.

Can our organization apply for more than one grant in the same year?

Yes. An organization may submit up to two grant applications within a single year: an application for the $100,000 Impact Grant and another for a Community Grant. 

May I fax or mail my proposal to Impact100 Sonoma?

No. Proposals must be submitted as described in the instructions.

Should I attach a cover letter to the proposal?

No. Please use the Online Application Forms for both the Impact Grant and Community Grants.

Will you consider a proposal from a group of organizations collaborating on a project or program?

Yes. However, when applying for the $100,000 Impact Grant or a Community Grant, one of the collaborating organizations must be the "lead agency," applying on behalf of the collaboration as if it were an individual organization. The lead agency must be willing to take on all the potential rights, responsibilities, restrictions, and liabilities of the entire grant if the grant is awarded.

Can we use a fiscal agent when we apply for the $100,000 Impact Grant?

No. A fiscal agent may not be used by a nonprofit when applying for the $100,000 Impact Grant unless the proposed project is a collaborative project involving two or more nonprofits. In this case, the fiscal agent is considered the lead agency.

Once an organization receives the $100,000 Impact Grant from Impact100 Sonoma, can it reapply the following year?

No, unless the grant awarded was a collaborative project between two or more nonprofits. Individual organizations that receive the $100,000 Impact Grant cannot apply for the following 3 years. Organizations that apply but are not selected as finalists, or are finalists who do not receive the Impact Grant, may reapply the following year. 

If an organization receives a Community Grant, can it reapply the following year?

No. Community Grant recipients cannot reapply the following year. After skipping a year they may apply again.

Can an organization apply for the $100,000 Impact Grant individually and as a collaborative project in the same year?

No. Organizations applying for the $100,000 Impact Grant as part of a collaborative project are not eligible to also apply in the same grant cycle for the Impact Grant as an individual organization, and vice versa.

What is your definition of a fiscal agent in relation to Community Grants?

The fiscal agent acts on behalf of the community grant applicant organization. Acting as a pass-through entity, the fiscal agent has financial control over the grant, but does not have management control over the project. No fees shall be paid to a fiscal agent with the grant funds received from Impact100 Sonoma.

Your guidelines indicate you will not fund capital campaigns. Will you fund capital expenditures as part of a grant proposal?

Yes. We will fund capital expenditures for an Impact Grant request that is clearly related to the proposed project or program, but the amount cannot exceed twenty five percent (25%) of the project budget requested.

Will you fund construction or renovation as part of a proposal?

Yes. We will fund construction or renovation expenditures for an Impact Grant that are related to the proposed project or program. The amount cannot exceed 25% of the project budget requested. We require that a minimum of three competitive bids be received. Copies of the bids must be submitted with your proposal.

Can I send additional materials with the application, like one of our brochures or newsletters?

No. Only send information specifically requested.

How does Impact100 Sonoma select its grant recipients?

Impact100 Sonoma has a very specific grant selection process that is implemented by members as follows:

Grant Review Committees are established and consist of members who volunteer to participate on committees. Each committee member reviews all grants assigned to that committee and the committee discusses the merits of each proposal.

Members of the Financial Review Committee (FRC) review the financial statements submitted by the applicant. The FRC sends a summary report to the Grant Review Committee.

After reviewing proposals and the summary from the FRC, Grant Review Committee members select applicants for site visits.

Site visits are a valuable part of the process as they allow committee members to visit with the organizations. They ensure that the members are able to fully understand the written grant application and allow the members to ask questions, obtain additional information, and clarify the facts pertaining to the grant request.

Each Grant Review Committee meets after all of the site visits have been completed and selects grant finalists for the full membership of Impact100 Sonoma to vote upon.

All grant finalists have the opportunity to make a short (approximately 5 minute) presentation to the full membership at a "Meet the Finalists" event in May, prior to the voting period. In addition, information about each grant application is provided online for the general membership to review.

Impact and Community Grant finalists are voted upon by the entire membership on-line before the Annual Award Celebration in June.

Votes are tabulated and finalists are told which organizations will be awarded the Community Grants the day before the grant awards gathering in June. The Impact Grant awardee is announced during the Annual Award Celebration. All Impact Grant finalists and Community Grant awardees are invited to attend the Annual Award Celebration.

How does Impact100 Sonoma oversee the distribution of grant funds to selected nonprofit agencies?

Impact100 Sonoma oversees distribution of funds through:

Grant Agreements

The nonprofit that receives an Impact100 Sonoma grant receives a Grant Agreement letter. The Grant Agreement letter stipulates that the nonprofit agrees to use the funds in accordance with their grant request and Impact100 Sonoma's procedures.


The Grant Agreement requires the nonprofit to submit reports until all of the funds are expended on the project. The reports include how the funds have been spent in accordance with the budget. Any substantial change in the budget must be requested and approved by Impact100 Sonoma to ensure that the funds are being spent in accordance with the purpose of the grant. Impact100 Sonoma may also request any other information as needed to monitor the project.

Will the grant be paid in a lump sum?

The Impact $100,000 Grant award is paid in one lump sum, unless other arrangements have been made between the grantee and Impact100. The $100,000 award may be used over three years. Community Grant awards are distributed in one lump sum and may be used over two years. 

Who can we contact to discuss our grant application before or after we send it in?

For questions regarding grant guidelines, processes or forms, contact:

If Impact100 Sonoma has questions about your proposal, we will contact you.


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