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2023 Grant Recipients

Impetus Grants:

10,000 Degrees: 

$25,000 to support a recent $10,000 Degrees alumna Fellow working to expand college access in high school, and to support twice-annual campus tours

Becoming Independent:

$9,689 as an unrestricted partial grant

Cancer Support Sonoma:

$25,000 to support increasing outreach to underserved cancer patients and to provide adjunct treatments not otherwise available in Sonoma Valley

Farm to Pantry:

$9,850 to purchase technology to support gleaning and food-distribution services by more effectively managing hundreds of stakeholders and delivery logistics

Food for All/Comida para Todos:

$25,000 to fund the acquisition of healthy, culturally appropriate food products and other necessities for families in need in Sonoma Valley

Friends in Sonoma Helping (FISH):

$25,000 tsupport ongoing food and rental assistance programs for low-income and elderly clients in Sonoma Valley

Homeless Action Sonoma (HAS): 

$23,972 to fund mental health program at the new HAS village of 22 tiny houses in Sonoma


$20,000 to fund free heart health screening offered to all youth in SV, and two outdoor automated external defibrillators at Maxwell Farms Regional Park

LifeWorks of Sonoma County

$20,000 to fund El Puente (The Bridge), providing in-home, bilingual prevention and intervention mental health services for at-risk youth and their families

Redwood Empire Food Bank:

$25,000 to support the ongoing distribution of food to all those needing assistance in Sonoma Valley

Sebastiani Theatre Foundation:

$25,000 to fund an evaluation of the Sebastiani Theatre’s aging stage fly/rigging system, which supports all essential equipment used in live performances

Sonoma Community Center:

$25,000 to fund a bilingual Early Childhood Music Education program for children and their caregivers

Sonoma Ecology Center:

$9,689 as an unrestricted partial grant

Sonoma Overlook Trail (SOT) Stewards:

$25,000 to support a professional work crew to make essential and permanent improvements to this high-use, publicly accessible free hiking trail

Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance:

$25,000 to fund a wide-ranging series of activities for mentoring pairs (mentors and mentees)

Square Peg Foundation:

$19,200 to provide scholarships for disadvantaged families in Sonoma Valley to equine therapy programs and services for autistic and trauma-afflicted youth

Total Grant dollars awarded: $337,400

2022 Grant Recipients

Impact100 Sonoma continues Impetus Grants Model for 2021 - awarding up to $25,000 to more than a dozen nonprofits rather than one large $100,000 grant.

Impetus Grants:

10,000 Degrees:

$25,000 to fund a graduate-fellow advisor for low-income high-school students seeking college admission and financial aid

Boys and Girls Club of Sonoma Valley:

$24,990 to establish on-site individual and group mental health services for youth facing challenges and trauma

Career Technical Education Foundation:

$23,000 to fund integrated Ag-Engineering for Environmental Sustainability course at Sonoma Valley High School

Ceres Community Project:

$25,000 to fund elivery of healthy, medically tailored meals and nutrition advice to Sonoma Valley clients with chronic illness

Kid Scoop News:

$25,000 to provide ontinued support for bilingual Parent Engagement Coordinator to facilitate family literacy and home reading activities

La Luz Center:

$25,000 to develop Aventura Artistica creative arts and nature program for Latinx youth

On the Move:

$25,000 to provide LGBTQ supportive programming to middle-school youth

Redwood Empire Food Bank:

$25,000 to continue essential food distribution at 13 Sonoma Valley sites

Ruthless Kindness:

$12,510 as an unrestricted partial grant

Social Advocates for Youth (SAY):

$25,000 to provide on-site grief services at Sonoma Valley schools

Sonoma Overnight Support (SOS):

$25,000 to provide meals and human connection to the Valley's hungry and homeless

Sonoma Valley Education Foundation:

$25,000 to subsidize preschool for low-income students, including those with learning disabilities

Valley Vibes Orchestra (ViVO):

$25,000 to bring a new intensive strings program to Dunbar Elementary School

Vintage House:

$25,000 to support the MyRide program, providing free, door-to-door transportation for seniors unable to drive

Total Grant dollars awarded: $335,500

2021 Grant Recipients          2020 Grant Recipients       

In 2021, Impact100 Sonoma adopted a new Impetus Grants In 2020, due to the the COVID-19 pandemic, our regular

Model, for up to $25,000 of core mission support. grant preview process was suspended and equal unrestricted   grants of $13,170 apiece were awarded to the 23 organizations

                                                                                                                                        already selected for a site visit.                 


Impetus Grants:

Boys and Girls Club Sonoma Valley:   10,000 Degrees

$20,000 to support a merger with Teen Services Sonoma       Audubon Canyon Ranch

Cancer Support Sonoma:                                                                 Becoming Independent

$5,786.36 as an unrestricted partial grant    Friends in Sonoma Helping (FISH)

Ceres Community Project:     Jack London Park Partners

$25,000 to fund delivery of healthy meals to clients with chronic illness Kid Scoop News

Friends in Sonoma Helping (FISH):   La Luz Center

$25,000 to augment rental and utility fund for vulnerable families North Bay Children's Center

Kid Scoop News:   On the Move

$25,000 to fund Parent Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for newsletter  Pets Lifeline

La Luz Center:   Social Advocates for Youth

$24,505.64 to establish a tech device lending library and digital lab  Sonoma Ecology Center

Social Advocates for Youth:   Sonoma Land Trust

$25,000 to expand hours of SAY's homeless outreach and prevention team  Soroptimists International Sonoma 

Sonoma Ecology Center:   Sonoma Overnight Support (SOS)

$25,000 to fund  student leaders and environmental summer programs Square Peg Foundation

Sonoma Overnight Support:   Sonoma Valley Education Foundation

$25,000 to provide meals and human connection for the homeless in SV Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance

Sonoma Valley Education Foundation:   Sweetwater Spectrum

$25,000 to expand summer program for SV elementary school children  Teen Services Sonoma

Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance:                                                   Transcendence Theatre Company

$25,000 to help maintain mentoring centers, programs and staff  Valley Vibes Orchestra

Valley Vibes Youth Orchestra:  Vintage House

$24,708 to expand ViVO Youth Orchestra into SVHS

Vintage House: 

$25,000 to provide nourishing meals for seniors with limited means

Total Grant dollars awarded: $300,000 Total Grant dollars awarded: $302,910

2019 Grant Recipients 2018 Grant Recipients

$100,000 Impact Grant: $100,000 Impact Grant:

Sonoma Valley Community Health Center: La Luz Centre:

New Vision Clinic Computer Literacy and Employment Counseling Services

Finalist Grants, $10,000 each: Finalist Grants, $10,00 each:

Challenge Sonoma Adventures Ropes Course Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance

Pets Lifeline Sustainable Sonoma

10th Anniversary Grant, $50,000: Community Grants:

Vintage House: Becoming independent :

Program expansion $20,000 to improve client-selected activity offerings

              Cancer Support Sonoma:

Community Grants:                                                                                                     $20,000 to support Patience Assistance Fund for cancer therapies

Art Escape: Jack London Park Partners:

$20,000 to fund Teen Art Lounge expansion $15,970 to expand 7th grade biodiversity education program

Ceres Community Project: Kenwood Education Foundation:

$20,000 to provide meals for families coping with serious illness $10,030 as an unrestricted partial grant

Challenge Sonoma Adventure Ropes Course collab.  Redwood Empire Food Bank

with Sonoma Valley Youth and Family Services: $20,000 to provide fresh produce for food-insecure families

$14,500 as an unrestricted partial grant  Sebastiani Theatre Foundation:

Community Matters: $20,000 to fund scholarships for theatre-arts programs

$19,500 to fund Safe Schools Ambassadors program in middle schools Sonoma Community Center:

Flowery Elementary School PTO $20,000 to upgrade safety and accessibility features

collab. with Flowery Elementary School: Sonoma Overnight Support (SOS):

$20,000 to purchase and install a new playground structure  $20,000 to expand free Day Services program

Legal Aid of Sonoma County: Sonoma Valley Education Foundation:

$20,000 to provide assistance for keeping low-income tenants safely housed $20,000 to support expansion of music programs

North Coast Resource Conservation & Development Council: Vintage House:

$20,000 to fund Waste Wizards school recycling program $20,000 to fund a study of Sonoma Valley's senior population

Teen Services Sonoma:

$20,000 to expand Ready to Work program 

      Total Grant dollars awarded: $324,000    Total Grant dollars awarded: $306,000

2017 Grant Recipients 2016 Grant Recipients

$100,000 Impact Grant: $100,000 Impact Grant:

Sonoma Land Trust: 10,000 Degrees:

Sonoma Development Center Land Protection Project 10,000 Degrees Institute Sonoma Valley Expansion

Finalist Grants, $10,000 each: Finalist Grants, $20,00 each:

Community Child Care Council of Sonoma County  Becoming Independent

La Luz Center  Pets Lifeline

 Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance

Community Grants: Community Grants:

10,000 Degrees: Ceres Community Project:

$20,000 to develop Middle school College Awareness Initiative $15,000 for Healing meals for Healthy Communities

On the Move: Friends in Sonoma Helping (FISH):

$19,990 to expand Parent University program $15,000 to provide ental assistance for SV residents in need

Redwood Empire Food Bank: La Luz Center:

$20,000 to provide produce and staple foods for families in Sonoma Valley                       $15,000 to provide employment counseling and tech literacy classes

Social Advocates for Youth (SAY): Pets Lifeline:

$20,000 to expand grief services to SV youth                             $15,000 to expand spay/neuter capabilities

Sonoma Overlook Trail Stewards: Redwood Empire Food Bank:

$10,000 to repair erosion and damage on the Overlook Trail       $15,000 to expand weekly distribution of fresh produce

Sonoma Valley Education Foundation: Sonoma Community Center:

$20,000 to develop Jump into Reading for K-3 students                                                  $10,000 to purchase a newer kiln to expand ceramics program

Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance: Sonoma Ecology Center:

$20,000 to fund a career exploration program $2,316 to fund the training of teen EnviroLeaders

Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance (Capital):               SV Education Foundation:

$8,048 to upgrade eight Mentoring Centers                                                                   $2,316 to fund college visits for Ag-Engineering Academies

Teen Services Sonoma: Teen Services Sonoma:

$19,845 to expand Ready to Work program $15,000 to launch a welding program

Teen Services Sonoma (Capital): Verity:

$14,344 to purchase quipment upgrades for Lovin' Oven kitchen $2,316 to educate and empower youth to prevent sexual violence

  Vintage House:

$15,000 to expand LIMO; senior ride program

Total Grant dollars awarded: $292,227                         Total Grant dollars awarded: $281,948

2015 Grant Recipients 2014 Grant Recipients

$100,000 Impact Grant: $100,000 Impact Grant:

On the Move: Redwood Empire Food Bank:

Sonoma Valley Parent University Diabetes Wellness Project of Sonoma Valley

Finalist Grants, $20,000 each: Finalist Grants, $20,00 each:

10,000 Degrees Sonoma Land Trust

Audubon Canyon Ranch Sonoma Valley mentoring Alliance

Community Grants: Community Grants:

4Paws Learning and Wellness Center: Ceres Community Project:

$2,200 to expand canine social therapy teams $12,000 for Healing Meals for Healthy Communities

ArtsGuild: Friends in Sonoma Helping (FISH), in collab. with SOS:

$15,000 to fund a mobile arts education program school $14,000 to establish a severe weather shelter for homeless in SV

Becoming Independent: Jack London State Park, in collab. with Hanna Boys Center:

$15,000 to purchase a new vehicle to transport clients $15,000 To employ teens on a trail restoration project

Ceres Community Project: On the Move, in partnership with SVUSD and La Luz: 

$15,000 to provide nutritional needs for recuperating patients                                        $15,000 To develop Parent University program

Community Matters: Sonoma Overnight Support (SOS):

$15,000 to establish Safe School Ambassadors at SV middle schools                       $15,000 To expand homeless drop-in services

Jack London Park Partners: Sonoma Valley Community Health Center:

$15,000 to conduct invasive species removal and other projects $13,000 to purchase equipment e for its dental clinic

La Luz Center: Teen Services of Sonoma:

$15,000 to provide tech literacy classes and employment counseling                         $15,000 to purchase a walk-in refrigerator for Lovin' Oven workspace

Pets Lifeline:

$800 to improve kennels and dog play area

Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance (Capital):              

$15,000 to provide STEM learning tools for Mentoring Centers                                                         


$15,000 for Youth Empowerment and Support project

Total Grant dollars awarded: $263,000                           Total Grant dollars awarded: $239,000 

2013 Grant Recipients 2012 Grant Recipients

$100,000 Impact Grant: $100,000 Impact Grant:

Sonoma Valley Education Foundation: La Luz Center:

Smart Start; Preschool for All in Sonoma Valley Strengthening Families and the Community

Finalist Grants, $20,000 each: Finalist Grants, $20,00 each:

Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation Sonoma Community Center

WillMar Family Grief and Healing Center Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance

Community Grants: Community Grants:

Becoming Independent: 10,000 Degrees, in collab. with SV Education Foundation
$5,000 to develop and conduct Healthy Living classes and Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance:

Bookmobile/Literary Arts Guild: $15,000 to promote college attendance from ES through HS
$3,000 to provide a steel carport vehicle shelter for Bookmobile Bookmobile/Literary Arts Guild:

Boys and Girls Club in collab. $3,250 to provide supplies for Bookmobile

with the City of Sonoma, La Luz Center and SAY: California Parenting Institute:

$15,000 to develop an action plan focusing on gang prevention $15,000 to conduct parenting classes for high-risk families

California Parenting Institute: Friends in Sonoma Helping (FISH):
$15,000 to provide gang prevention parent support services $15,000 for parking repaving, security camera and flooring

Ceres Community Project: Sonoma Overnight Support (SOS):
$15,000 to provide meals for families dealing with illness $11,000 to replace flooring and upgrade storage

Hospice by the Bay WillMar Family Grief and Healing Center
$8,500 to furnish a hospice suite within Sonoma Valley Hospital $9,000 to purchase supplies for on-the-go grief kits

On the Move/Voices:
$15,000 to provide foster care transition support services

Redwood Empire Food Bank:
$15,000 to establish hub distribution of food delivery

Total Grant dollars awarded: $231,500                               Total Grant dollars awarded: $195,000 

2011 Grant Recipients 2010 Grant Recipients

$100,000 Impact Grant: $100,000 Impact Grant:

Sonoma Valley Teen Services: Boys and Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley:

Skills for Life Program                             College Bound Program

Finalist Grants: Finalist Grants, $2,500 each:

No finalist grants; in order to create Sonoma Ecology Center

Community Grants pool Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

Social Advocates for Youth (SAY)

Community Grants:        WillMar Family Grief and Healing Center

Friends in Sonoma Helping (FISH):

$15,000 to provide facility improvements

Sebastiani Theatre Foundation:

$3,500 as an unrestricted partial grant

Sonoma Ecology Center:
$7,000 to furnish electricity for Garden Park

Sonoma Valley Health Care Center:
$9,000 to provide equipment for two new exam rooms

Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance:
$7,500 to establish a Girls' Empowerment Fund

Women's Initiative for Self-Employment:

$15,000 to provide microenterprise training

Total Grant dollars awarded: $157,000                            Total Grant dollars awarded: $110,000 


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